The Bushey St James Trust is an exciting multi academy trust in Bushey, Hertfordshire made up of three academy schools, Bushey Meads Secondary School, Little Reddings Primary School and Hartsbourne Primary School.

In February 2012 Bushey Meads Secondary School and Little Reddings Primary School formed the Multi Academy Trust and the purpose behind the joint application was to develop links between primary and secondary phase education. The initial long-term vision of the Trust was to expand further to include other schools and also appoint an executive principal to shape the future work of the Trust. Jeremy Turner was appointed as Executive Principal of the Bushey St James Trust and Headteacher of Bushey Meads School in September 2014 as an experienced and outstanding headteacher to build on the initial vision and shape the effective structures across the Trust to create the capacity for further growth. The MAT expanded to three schools with Hartsbourne Primary School joining in December 2017.

The philosophies that underpin the trust are those based on partnership and collaboration and the Trust board wants to ensure that all children receive the best possible education and that all staff working in the trust are well equipped to deliver this.

The Bushey St James Trust values, underpinning the work of the Trust, aim to:

  • deliver educational excellence
  • ensure all children exceed expectations
  • prepare young people for the future
  • ensure that the Trust enhances the local community
  • ensure that the schools within the Trust are happy, safe and inclusive
  • support families to encourage aspiration
  • act with responsibility, accountability and transparency
  • create a seamless educational experience
  • encourage independence and creativity
  • inspire, nurture and empower all staff who work within the Trust

At the heart of the Trust is the desire to collaborate effectively and enable the three schools to build on their success and improve their performance, drawing on the experience of all staff across the Trust.

There is a shared vision to develop first class provision between the two phases and to:

  • aim for excellence in all we do
  • provide students with the best possible start for their futures
  • nurture greater integration and community cohesion
  • provide a programme of high quality continuing professional development and training for all staff to underpin and sustain improvements in teaching and learning
  • emphasize to students the traditional values of self-discipline, responsibility, respect, trust and cooperation