The Bushey St James Trust

At the heart of the Trust is the desire to collaborate effectively and enable the three schools to build on their success and improve their performance, drawing on the experience of all staff across the Trust. 

There is a shared vision to develop first class provision between the two phases and to:

  • aim for excellence in all we do
  • provide students with the best possible start for their futures
  • nurture greater integration and community cohesion
  • provide a programme of high quality continuing professional development and training for all staff to underpin and sustain improvements in teaching and learning
  • emphasize to students the traditional values of self-discipline, responsibility, respect, trust and cooperation

The Trust is led by Sam Russell the Chair of the Trust, assisted by Jeremy Turner the Executive Principal of the Bushey St James Trust and the Vice Chair of the Trust Richard Abrahams.

Overseeing the work of the Trust is its Members and the Strategic Trust Board. 

The Members of the BSJT with their areas of expertise indicated are as follows: 

Adrian Duke-Cohan (Finance and Business Development) 
Brenda Batten (Local Government and Community Affairs)
Andrew Hawkins (Facilities & Management Consultancy, Corporate Strategy)
Sam Russell (Recruitment, HR and Relationship Management and Chair of Members and Strategic Trust Board)

The Directors/Trustees who sit on the Strategic Trust Board with their areas of expertise indicated are as follows:

Sam Russell (Recruitment, HR and Relationship Management)
Dinah Hoeksma (Finance and Accountability)
Nick Smith (Finance, Legal and Corporate Business Oversight)
Naomi Rich (Teaching and Learning, Education, Governance)
Graham Mercer (Corporate Construction and Project Management) 
Jeremy Turner Executive Principal (Education Strategy and School Improvement)

The Strategic Trust Board meets termly and the schools in the Trust are held to account for their performance against pre-agreed key performance indicators. The philosophies that underpin the trust are those based on partnership and collaboration and the Trust board wants to ensure that all children receive the best possible education and that all staff working in the trust are well equipped to deliver this.