Financial Services across the Bushey St James Trust

The BSJT has a highly efficient Finance Team and a proven track record of effective financial management across the schools within the Bushey St James Trust. The Team is led by the Finance Manager Rachael Coombs who oversees the team and the finances across the whole Trust and works directly with the Executive Principal.
Rachael has previously worked within another Hertfordshire Academy Trust and from February 2015 and has been developing and overseeing the financial services across the Trust. Rachael leads a forward thinking, finance team which is supporting the trust effectively moving forward.

Julie Lee has 30 years of finance experience in a finance setting and has worked at Bushey Meads School and within the Bushey St James Trust since 2002.

Maxine Winter has 28 years of finance experience with HSBC and has worked at Bushey Meads School and within the Bushey St James Trust since 2008.

Allison Smith has 33 years of finance experience with Barclays Bank and has worked at Bushey Meads School and within the Bushey St James Trust since 2021 starting on the reception at Bushey Meads.

Natasha Woods - Primary Business Support Officer
Natasha Woods has 28 years of financial experience in different financial sectors ranging from fashion to pharmaceuticals. She has worked within Bushey St James Trust since 2017, starting off as the Hartsbourne Primary Office Administrator.

The main financial services that the BSJT Finance Team offer cover the following areas:

Financial Management

Working with the schools within the Trust to ensure they meet ongoing requirements. Leading the Trust’s finance team to ensure appropriate policies, structures and standards are in place and provide relevant training as required.

Trust Finance System

Managing and developing the Trust’s centrally held finance system and the provision of technical local helpdesk support.

Month End Support

Ensuring that the schools within the Trust follow the same procedure regarding month end support. Centrally reviewing the month end data.


Providing initial and on-going finance training as required and financial helpdesk support.

Central Services

Negotiating and arranging agreed central services (currently catering, cleaning and insurance).

Fixed Assets

Centrally managing the fixed assets and depreciation.

Use of Assets

Supporting the capital bids for the Trust and working with schools to investigate opportunities for income generation from capital assets and identifying opportunities for collaboration.


Preparing the draft audit report and managing financial and regularity audits.

Preparing individual school and trust control sheets and fund analysis.

VAT Returns

Ensuring VAT returns are completed as required for all schools in the trust.

EFA Financial Returns

Preparing all financial and budgetary returns as required by the EFA and DfE.

Fund Management

Ensuring the correct use is made of all central funds, school contributions and improvement funds.


If you require more information please contact Rachael Coombs Finance Manager: [email protected]