Secondary school students are given new and exciting leadership opportunities when working with the primary schools such as leading extracurricular activities like our DANCE CLUB. These promote key skills such as leadership, organisation,presentation techniques and time management.

A Secondary Student Perspective

Year 5 Pupils

Hartsbourne Primary School
Little Reddings Primary School
I have really enjoyed being part of the BSJT Dance Academy, having the opportunity to work alongside talented dancers from the two primary schools right up to Sixth Form level. I have learned so much and been inspired to work amongst such a talented group of dancers.

Year 6 & 10

Bushey Meads School
Little Reddings Primary School
The BSJT Orchestra across the Trust provided exciting opportunities for us as musicians. It’s a fantastic way to develop your abilities. Ryan Year 6

I loved being with people who shared my passion for music especially with such talented musicians. Phoenix Year 10