George Furr – Senior IT Technician
George is our Senior IT Technician and resident Audio & Visual specialist, providing support and knowledge regarding IT, music technology, photography and design.



Norbert KassNetwork Infrastructure Technician
Norbert went to college to study IT and then secured himself an apprenticeship with Bang and Olufsen as a sales technician. He has moved to work in the IT Team across the BSJT in order to widen his experience in IT.



James Booth – IT Technician



Unami Tenga – IT Technician



The range of services that the BSJT ICT Team offer include:

Server Management – ensuring all network infrastructure performance and stability 24/7 365 days a year. This includes all physical and virtual servers whatever the systems type or size.

Technical & Remote Support – the BSJT ICT Team provide access to the online Help Desk, which allows any ICT issues to be quickly and effectively resolved. Through this online system you can receive and log responses and find out the progress of your submission.

Backup & Disaster Recovery – the ICT Team provide a full backup and disaster recovery plan for the schools across the Trust

Network & Internet Security – this is a major part of the service provided by the ICT Team across the Trust.

Network & IT Consultancy – The BSJT ICT Team offer a bespoke service across the Trust, which can range from a full network review and the design of a long term ICT implementation plan through to any advice and support related to ICT use in schools.

Network Design & Implementation – the BSJT ICT Team can share applications and functionality over their networks and have the skills to bring this service to wherever is needed across the BSJT.

For more information please contact Jon Olenwik: